Thank you for reaching out. I’m dedicated to making a positive impact on young minds through education and entertainment.

My experience with rip currents in the ocean, and being a former lifeguard and first responder, have enabled me to leave a lasting impression on the children who attend the BREAK THAT GRIP and CPR STARTS WITH THE HEART assemblies. Both are engaging and valuable for students. These messages address important life skills creatively and memorably. Please visit the home page to see videos of the action. 

Both assemblies instill resilience, courage, and effective response in young individuals. It’s crucial to equip students with life skills that will serve them well in various situations.

I would love to discuss the possibility of visiting your school to deliver these impactful messages. Please contact me at 321-890-6561 to discuss the details further.


Overwhelmed. Scared. Hopeless. These 3 words only BEGIN to describe the feelings that rushed through Donna. She faced an angry ocean and a powerful rip current that threatened the lives of her son and nephew. But these words are ALSO experienced by many people today as they face their own “rip currents” in life

In this 40-minute presentation, Donna shares the powerful parallels between respecting the ocean and respecting life. The easy-to-remember acronym S.O.A.R. will equip young people with a strategy for successfully navigating the challenges that threaten to pull them from safety. Donna finishes the assembly with an upbeat song that the kids will be singing all day long…which encourages them to finish strong. 



Circumstances might be out of your control but your responses are not. Learning to be an effective RESPONDER is crucial to your safety as well as those around you.

In this 40-minute uplifting message, Donna explores the connections between how a lifeguard approaches a serious situation and how a person can handle bullying and negative self-talk. The acronym R.I.S.E. is an easy way to remember the best first steps to take when adversity strikes.

Achievement Certificates for Participants

Break That Grip certificate
CPR Starts with the Heart certificate