Hello and Happy Fall!

I’m particularly happy this year because I’m up in North Carolina getting to experience true fall weather. After moving a whopping 33 times in my life, I think I made a good decision to buy an RV. I’m now calling both Florida and NC home.

I’m happy that I’ve been able to live in many different places. Moving so many times has made me very streamlined and organized.

I’m happy to be spending more time with my parents and two brothers, and also to be helping run all of the many events at my bro’s big brewery in Concord, NC.

Thank you for following my inspirational speaking and writing career. My two messages save lives; BREAK THAT GRIP and CPR STARTS WITH THE HEART.

A professional administrative assistant in the Philippines keeps my website, donnabollinger.com, and social media pumping. Together, we’re going to launch an aggressive campaign to spread the rip current strategy, SOAR, to beachgoers at the start of 2023. We’d love for you to partner with us in any way possible! 

Break that Grip

My book, BREAK THAT GRIP…LESSONS FROM THE OCEAN OF LIFE, is getting great reviews and people say they enjoy my content because it helps them see things in a new light. Especially if answering the prompts after each chapter or elaborating in the accompanying BREAK THAT GRIP ACTION JOURNAL. Both books can be found on my website and also on Amazon. Bulk pricing for schools, groups, and organizations is available too. The books make the perfect gift…easy to read, understand, and apply.

I’ll keep up with posting and podcasting all that I’m learning in attempts to further heal myself and help others create more strength and love in their hearts, minds, and lives. There’s a new page on my website with a growing number of podcast interviews that I’ve done. Please listen when you can. The hosts have been amazing and all of them are making a positive impact in our world.

In order to keep myself sane through so many moves and transitions, I’m discovering many things that help ease uncertainty. Exercise has always been my go-to in order to relax, but learning to play the guitar has added tons of joy to my life! My favorite songs to play are the oldies and the hymns, which go over great at Assisted Living Facilities.

I’ve discovered that the residents really come alive and love to sing along, so I printed out an ever-growing song book, and can even cast the lyrics to a blank wall or onto a smart tv screen. There’s a separate page forming for Sing-Alongs on my website and I’ll go and lead the singing anywhere along the way.


I formed D1 Productions LLC for delivering my messages, book sales, and the Sing-Alongs. My messages are well received by the older folks and their wisdom is so valuable to me. 

The name D1 surfaced for a number of reasons. Number one, I have a niece named after me and it gets confusing when we’re all together and someone calls out, “Donna”. In unison, we both answer, “what?” So, I’m D1 and she’s D2…but now she’s Dr. D (after receiving her doctorate!)

Also, as I stated in my book, BREAK THAT GRIP, I’ve always hoped that I would be someone she would feel honored to be named after. When I think about D1 PRODUCTIONS (D1P for short), I always keep that in mind. I’d like to help people believe in themselves, and also in God, in order to produce better outcomes for all.

I’ve spent a lot of my time in and around college athletics and I like to think that the D1P SOAR and RISE strategies help individuals become D1 people way above becoming D1 athletes.

Last, but not least, I happened to meet a gifted carpenter who is in the restoration business. I think that God connected us in order to restore me in many ways. His name is Joel Six so he goes by J6, and therefore, D1 has become my nickname. 


After creating the logo for D1 Productions that has to do with ocean safety and CPR, I adapted that same logo and formed one for D1 Restores. J6 restores things that have been damaged, but he can also supply brand new, real wood cabinets, real quick, and rescue any budget! So you’ll catch me speaking, singing, and helping to sell or restore cabinets.

Thank you for following and I hope to hear about your endeavors too! Remember to SOAR and RISE! 




Break That Grip…Lessons From The Ocean of Life