Break That Grip Action Journal

Notice the swimmer on the cover of Break That Grip is wearing fins in order to ascend to the surface. I decided to use this cover for the book and the Action Journal because I love the idea of encouraging you to equip yourself before going into a rough ocean or heading into challenging circumstances in life.

When swimming in any body of water, wearing fins gives you the extra push, strength, and leverage to propel yourself forward, up, and over the waves. Fins supercharge your legs. If you’re scuba diving, fins help you go deeper and ascend faster.

Reading good books, studying excellent teachings and applying proven strategies to improve your mindset is like putting your fins on before you enter the ocean of life. So, grab your pen or pencil, just like you’d grab a pair of fins, and let’s equip ourselves to propel forward, deeper, and upward by taking charge of our thoughts and feelings while answering these questions and writing and expressing in this journal.