Ready For The Ocean and Life?

Donna Bollinger immediately captivates the attention of students with her high-energy and heartfelt stories.

Do you want to help students move past insecurities?

Would real-life strategies that help students reduce stress be worth pursuing?

Are you interested in a message that can free students from their inner critic?

Donna uses her ocean rescue and CPR training to shine a light on ways to manage anxiety and depression, and become a confident responder.

Two Impactful Messages That Lead Students to Action


Overwhelmed. Scared. Hopeless. These 3 words only BEGIN to describe the feelings that rushed through Donna. She faced an angry ocean and a powerful rip current that threatened the lives of her son and nephew. But these words are ALSO experienced by many people today as they face their own “rip currents” in life.

In this message, Donna shares the powerful parallels between respecting the ocean and respecting life. The easy-to-remember acronym S.O.A.R. will equip people with a strategy for successfully navigating the challenges that threaten to pull them from safety.


Circumstances might be out of your control but your responses are not. And learning to be a great RESPONDER is crucial to your personal safety as well as those around you. 

In this uplifting message, Donna explores the connections between how a lifeguard approaches a serious situation and how a person can handle bullying and negative self-talk. The acronym R.I.S.E. is an easy way to remember the best first steps to take when adversity strikes.

Break That Grip Book


Donna shares powerful parallels between respecting the ocean and respecting life. Free yourself from your inner critic with Donna’s life changing strategies.

Donna Bollinger is my brilliant colleague and an effective teacher, who has a heart of courage. Her warmth of soul and passion to rescue and restore life to others through S.O.A.R. is a testimony to that courage. She will save many lives, perhaps your own. Embodied in her book, Break That Grip, she offers a way back to beautiful, peaceful shores and safety to the rescuer! She is a great human.


Michael Pritchard
PBS Host, Humorist, and Juvenile Parole Officer

Do you want to add energy and inspiration to your next event?

Ms. Bollinger’s high energy and passion shine through as she helps students develop strategies to ‘break the grip of the rip’ not just in the water, but in life as well. The lessons our students learned will serve them well as they face life’s tough choices now and in the future.

Richard Dunkel

Principal, Indialantic Elementary

Wow! Where to begin….Break That Grip was outstanding!! It was very thoughtful, insightful, honest, and helpful. It brought tears to my eyes. This book is a great accomplishment and will continue to save many lives. SOAR is a great reminder to lead a “bright life” worthy of admiration, no matter where you are in life.

Dr. John Sanders

Reconstructive Microsurgery